Energy & Environment

The products of chemistry enable Georgia’s efforts to improve energy efficiency—from insulation to coolants to packaging, these products of chemistry help save energy every day.

Chemistry also is the source of many innovative technologies that drive cleaner energy options, create green jobs, and propel U.S. economic growth.

To meet our nation’s economic and environmental goals, GCC supports a comprehensive national energy strategy that promotes and develops all of America’s own energy resources including conventional and shale natural gas, oil, wind, nuclear, solar, etc., while also promoting energy efficiency and alternative sources, such as energy recovery.

Three energy sources—domestic natural gas from shale formations, energy efficiency and energy recovery from plastics—can help America reach energy security and environmental goals. At the same time, these energy sources will promote growth in America’s chemistry industry and create opportunity for a broad range of industries, while driving the creation of new jobs.

Given federal and state budget realities, public policies must look beyond traditional government subsidies and identify new ways to encourage energy efficiency, as well as alternative and renewable energy technologies. At the same time, government policies must not undermine the availability of domestic natural gas.

Energy & Environment Resources from the American Chemistry Council