Transportation & Infrastructure

A strong transportation network is critical to keeping the business of chemistry and our economy moving.

Numerous industries, including agriculture, communications, defense, energy, health and medicine, technology, and transportation use chemicals every day to ensure the safety of our water and food supply and enhance virtually every aspect of our lives. In fact, 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry. To meet this constant demand for the products of chemistry, chemical manufacturers transport their products by a variety of modes including rail, road, and water.

In order to establish a strong transportation network, GCC believes the federal government must adopt policies that will improve the efficiency of the freight rail network through market-based solutions and enhance the capacity of our ports and highways while ensuring national infrastructure projects can benefit from the innovative, durable and cost-effective solutions made possible by chemistry.

Everyone agrees that America’s infrastructure needs to be modernized.  GCC believes smart, cost-effective solutions must be used to achieve this goal. For that to happen, archaic regulatory restrictions that the use of predetermined materials must be removed and replaced with policies that promote open competition that enables choice and selection of the best materials for projects. 

Transportation & Infrastructure Resources from the American Chemistry Council