Chemical Regulation

We enjoy healthier and longer lives thanks in part to the ways chemistry is applied to help make our lives safer, from medical devices to airbags to clean drinking water.

As valuable as these products of chemistry are, we also know that chemistry must be used responsibly. Promoting the safe use of the essential products of chemistry is a shared responsibility of manufacturers, the government, and those who use or sell chemical products. Manufacturers and government must work together to:

  • Develop, implement, and comply with sound regulations so chemicals are safe for intended use.

  • Enhance scientific understanding of chemical safety.

  • Produce publicly accessible safety information.

In addition to helping improve the performance and effectiveness of federal programs, the American Chemistry Council supports initiatives that complement these policies. Working with its member companies, ACC developed the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety. The Product Safety Code is our industry’s public commitment to our role in the safe management of chemicals and articulates our pledge to make safety a core value in how our products are made, sold, delivered, used, and disposed of.

Chemical Regulation Resources from the American Chemistry Council